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Dental X-ray Lead Apron w/ thyroid collar – $285.00


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 Dental X-Ray Lead Apron w/ Thyroid Collar

Provides maximum patient x-ray protection up to the critical thyroid area,0.3mm lead content meets FDA dental requirements.Soft nylon outer layer is much more pliable than vinyl-improves patient comfort and eliminates cracking.Foam back layer clings to clothing without clips.Single Velcro closure neck collar permanently attached.

Color: Blue

Unique silky-smooth material on both front and back
creates a relaxing and comfortable patient experience.
Smooth draping material with exceptional durability.
Easy to clean — just wipe with damp cloth or
disinfectant wipe.
New collar design fits better for less gapping,
increased patient comfort.
Sturdy sewn-in hanging loops for easy storage.
Velcro closure keeps apron closed securely