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Panoramic Imaging

– By choosing a CdTe sensor, which improves the image quality while keeping radiation exposure to a minimum, Genoray has shown that it puts patient’s safety first.
– The CdTe (Cadimium telluride) sensor overcomes the limitations of a CMOS sensor to always produce high quality images.

Tomography Imaging (Optional)

PAPAYA PLUS added Tomography function and without hardware upgrade and considering of manufacturing of Tomography function; in addition to S/W, PAPAYA provides Tomography image.

The Different Detector Types

High-Definition images distinguish themselves from the old indirect conversion type of a CCD sensor. This should be the only way you view images

User Friendly

Face to face positioning / Fit each individual’s jaw shape. / Voice support system / Hand switch / Emergency switch / Wheelchair accessible

Multi-Focus Function

Multi-focus function ables to overcome operator’s mistake from patient’s faulty positioning and re-exposuring X-ray. By reconstructing image with software way, the panoramic images layer can be corrected by multi-focus function.

Exposure Programs

Standard panoramic, orthogonal panoramic, bitewing panoramic, child panoramic, TMJ lateral double, horizontal & vertical X-ray segmentation, TMJ PA double, TMJ LAT-PA, TMJ LAT-PA double, sinus lateral and sinus PA
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