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Bio Ray #2 Sensor ($3895)



BIO-RAY Medallion Intraoral Digital X-Ray Sensor #2 Sensor :

5th generation Bio-Ray with the latest advanced CsI, (Cesium Iodide) & fiber optic plate technology for the capture of high quality Dental intra-oral x-ray images. A sturdy sensor with cut corners for patient comfort, shortest time, reduced patient radiation, & direct USB connection allowing a wide range of exposure settings, resulting in consistent & diagnosable images.

  • Two sizes #1 and #2
  • Water-resistant
  • Direct USB connection (no USB connection box)
  • Three (3) year warranty

The Bio-Ray Medallion is comes in two sizes:

Size 1 with a sensitive (active):30 x 20 mm Ideal for children and tight areas.

Size 2 with a sensitive (active):33 x 25 mm: A larger surface area for standard examinations.

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Our Bio Ray Sensor generates precise images with over 2 million pixels. These high-resolution images help you make the most accurate diagnosis possible – and will achieve sharper & crisper high-res than ever before, compared to other digital systems.The sensors come encased in a much sturdier and solid material that will minimize your down time due to sensor damage from mishandling, as experienced with other more fragile systems. All this: Quality, Reliability, Sharp-Precise Images,Speed, Comfort, & Precision – at an affordable price, in sizes 1 & 2, with a 3 year warranty included.

Experience the difference:Small fiber-optic plate, and needle structure scintillator makes the Bio-Ray pixel size, superior in resolution and image quality. From direct digital panoramic to phosphor plate systems, Sigma Digital X-Ray offers a turnkey solution for all your digital imaging needs. And Bio-Ray HR will give you the best technology available for a reasonable price.

Needle Structure Scintillator:The purpose of the scintillator is to convert x-rays to light. A needle structure scintillator helps to focus the photons in a straight, downward fashion, eliminating unwanted scatter. Most companies utilize a granular structure scintillator, which generates scatter and unwanted noise.

Fiber Optic Plate:The fiber optic plate improves image quality by stopping nonconverted x-rays from interacting directly with the CCD, which in return eliminates unwanted noise in the signal. It also helps to focus the photons and apply them to the CCD in an even fashion.

CCD:A unique manufacturing process enables us to provide a CCD with little or no blemishes. This almost flawless CCD requires no correction file, which drastically improves hardware performance. A correction file is software that is needed to fix defects in the hardware. With no correction file your sensor will be ready instantly, and more importantly you won’t have to worry about your sensor timing out during the capture process.Eliminating the need for a correction file also improves workflow with multiple sensors.

By utilizing a unique manufacturing process combined with the ideal materials for dental CCD imaging, and one of the smallest pixel sizes available, the Bio Ray Sensor offers super image quality. Sigma Digital X-ray combines superior hardware, software and service, making the Bio-Ray Sensor the best Intraoral Digital Radiography System available today.Schematic of a Scintillator-CCD Detector.Incident X-ray photons interact with the scintillator where they are absorbed and light photons are emitted.Light photonsenter the fiber optic plate and are carriedto the CCD where they are detected and converted to electrons.

Please Note: If this is for a brand new dental office that does not have any software you can simply purchase ours for $849.

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